The BurgDirect Experience:
rare French Burgundies, direct to your doorstep.

Jeff Rubin

While there is no substitute for exploring Burgundy in person, BurgDirect offers the next best thing: the finest vintages, shipped direct from the winery, right to your cellar door.

With every offer, our goal is to share our own love of wine with our friends. BurgDirect gives us the opportunity to bring our members along for the journey as we meet new producers and bring a little taste of the Côte d’Or home with us.

We deliver the highest quality products and stand behind our superior provenance – the direct, traceable way we properly handle the wine from the winemaker’s cellar door to yours.

We take care of all customs, insurance, and delivery details for our members. And our members are treated to new and exciting Burgundies every month.

We create exclusive offers on some of the rarest bottles, often providing the only way to buy them in the United States.

Know the difference
Not all Burgundies are created equal.

There is a strictly regulated quality pyramid that clearly identifies the best wines of Burgundy (from the Bourgogne - Franche-Comté region of France), or Grand Cru, from the more widely available regional wines.


Chambertin (red)
Corton-Charlemagne (white)


Pommard 1er Cru Grands Epenots (red)
Meursault 1er Cru Charmes (white)


Vosne-Romanée (red)
Puligny-Montrachet (white)


Hautes-Côte de Beaune (red and white)
Bourgogne (red and white)

The Grand Cru don’t carry the name of their village. They only carry the name of the vineyard and represent the very tip of the pyramid. Grand Cru are the finest wines Burgundy has to offer. Premier Cru are also of extremely high quality, and top village wines can also be terrific.

While many of the better distributed Burgundy labels from top vineyard sites are available in select US retail shops, lesser known producers farming the same vineyards are almost impossible to come by.

But almost impossible means that it is possible ... just more difficult.

Rarity isn’t simply about classification

The question of rarity isn’t simply about classification, but rather, a combination of the producer and the specific vineyards sourced. You see, the hallowed vineyards (for example, a Grand Cru like Clos Vougeot) are typically divided between many producers, each with perhaps only a few rows of vines.

Put simply, the exact same vineyard sites designated by law as Grand Cru, are farmed by both large producers and lesser-known, family-owned winemakers alike.

Experiencing rarity is about access. To discover and have access to the wines from unique, small family-run domaines with these specific vineyard sites, year after year (as opposed to one lucky visit to a wine shop), well now that’s rare!

BurgDirect lets our members
experience Burgundy in two different ways

We currently feature monthly “Prestige” Offers and
less frequent “Haut de Gamme” Offers for our valued members.

Monthly Prestige Offers

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Haut de Gamme Offers

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At BurgDirect, we provide access to these rare producers and often, to the very same Grand Cru vineyard. This allows our members to build vertical cellars (multiple years – perhaps consecutive) of a specific wine from a specific maker. This is one of the elements normally only possible when buying directly from domestic wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Oregon, etc.

This is a unique experience that our members enjoy: the ability to truly access small batch producers, from Burgundy, vintage by vintage, in a way that is consistent and reliable.

We currently feature monthly “Prestige” Offers and less frequent “Haut de Gamme” Offers for our valued members.

Prestige Offers are high quality monthly selections of rare Village and Premier Cru wines from lesser known producers, hand selected by our founders.

In French, the term “haut de gamme” means “top-end”. Our Haut de Gamme Offers are available to our members once every 2-3 months and feature Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines.

How our membership works
bypass the usual network
of importers, wholesalers and retailers

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    We work directly with top wineries

    We do the legwork for you. We have developed relationships with some of the highest rated domaines in Burgundy, and arrange to ship their wines right to your door.

  • 2

    Place an order

    We will periodically send you offers from your chosen winemakers. You will have a week or so to decide what to order. When you are ready, select all of the offers that you wish to buy and pay for the wine and shipping using US dollars (credit card).

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    We'll take care of the details

    BurgDirect has partnered with Cote d'Or Imports, a US-based wine importer with a long record of excellent, careful service. Cote d'Or will collect your wine directly from the winemaker, prepare it for customs and shipping in their Nuits-St. Georges warehouse, and then send it to the US using temperature-controlled air or ocean freight shipping.

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    En route to America

    This process takes about 5-8 weeks, but you will generally receive your wine before it is available in domestic retail outlets (assuming it can even be found in such stores!)

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    Delivered to your door

    Once the wine arrives in Cote d'Or Imports' US warehouse, you will be contacted to arrange for the timing of delivery right to your front door. Your wines (perhaps acquired from multiple winemaker offers) will be consolidated into sturdy and safe shipping boxes, then sent via a reputable carrier such as Federal Express.

The wines are thoughtfully curated into mixed bundles of 6 or 12 bottles.

Our members are both wine connoisseurs who use our service to stock their private cellars with interesting verticals, and casual drinkers who don’t know all that much about Burgundies ... except that they love them!

Our members enjoy the peace of mind that BurgDirect provides. Through transparency in our sourcing, shipping and handling practices, members know they are getting the best quality product shipped direct to their doors.

The next best thing to traveling to the Côte d'Or
and purchasing wine at the cellar door

From convenient online review of offers and known critic reviews, to straight-forward pricing that includes shipping, taxes and insurance, to direct shipment from the winery to your door, BurgDirect simplifies the often confusing selection so you can enjoy the best that Burgundy offers.

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  • Access to monthly Prestige Offers (order limits may apply)
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  • Rare Burgundies shipped right to your door
  • Highest quality provenance – shipping and handling traceable back to the wine makers
  • Turnkey shipping – we take care of customs and insurance
  • No sales pressure – simply review the latest offers and avoid disappointing or anxiety-producing discussions with potentially biased or unknowledgeable sales staff at a retail store